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July 11, 2022

Clementine carries the emo torch with excellent new single, “Lucinda”

“It’s all here: soaring and melodic vocals from singer-guitarist Joseph Altamore, a breakneck pace from new drummer Oliver Wink and bassist Mackenzie Sima, and a no-fuss-no-muss guitar solo from Bennett Gillies. The song is hooky and crunchy as hell.”


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March 31

Madison Manor*

Madison, WI

w/ Pyre Intention, Commonwealth, Sheep, and Ugly Cousin

April 1

Albion House*

Chicago, IL

w/ Atheena, Callejera, and The Tear Garden Collective

April 8

Hot Box*

Bloomington, IL

w/ Parachute Day, Wet Tail, and heaving.

April 18

X-Ray Arcade

Milwaukee, WI

w/ Bearings, and Tiny Voices

April 20


Milwaukee, WI

w/ Gold Steps, Suitable Miss, and The Fall Sound

April 23

Anodyne Coffee

Milwaukee, WI

Battle of the Bans w/ The Keystones, Genevieve Heyward, Sun Silo, and Rainbow Cobra

April 28

The Cooperage

Milwaukee, WI

Sounds of Spring w/ Stone Theory, Wonderful Bluffer, and the Dead Bolts

April 29

Linneman’s River West Inn

Milwaukee, WI

w/ This Summer, North Warren, and Doubter

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Clementine is a grunge/emo/punk band originally from Rockford, IL, now relocated to Milwaukee, WI. The band consists of vocalist/guitarist Joe Altamore, lead guitarist Bennett Gillies, bassist Mackenzie (Mack) Sima, and drummer Oliver Wink.

In 2022, the group embarked on multiple tours across the country and has grown considerably, opening for bands like Bilmuri, Homesafe, Mom Rock, and Bearings. Clementine has been featured on Spotify’s Fresh Finds Rock editorial playlist twice, as well as Emo Right Now alongside acts such as Microwave, Hot Mulligan, Fleshwater and Sweet Pill. Meanwhile, they have cultivated a diehard fanbase across the Midwest and East Coast and have accumulated listeners around the globe.

Clementine’s sound is grittier than it used to be; having been poppier in the band’s earlier years. They attribute their development to the natural evolution of the group. Clementine’s most recent effort is their 2017 EP ‘This Will Hurt.’ The band has since released several singles and is currently gearing up to release two new EPs and a full length album.